“we have 2 deal with panic & fear of #US drones’ sounds hovering over our heads and women having miscarriages due 2 that” #Yemen


The world is finally starting to wake up to the impact of armed US drones over Yemen which are intended to annhilate Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). However the missiles are generally aimed at “suspected” terrorists (that have never even been through fair judicial process to examine any allegations)…. and the drones keep hitting civilians.

I am fortunate in having contact with Haykal Bafana, a lawyer from Yemen who has kept me updated in relation to the targeted killing by the American government of his fellow countrymen and women. Haykal previously shared photos of a shocking drone strike which killed four people

Last week I also heard the compelling testimony of Farea al- Muslimi to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, whose village Wassab was hit by a drone strike

Tribesman walks near a building damaged last year by a U.S. drone air strike targeting suspected al Qaeda militants in Azan muslimi

Now I want to share the words of 24 year old Arab Yemeni activist, sociologist and feminist, Sarah Jamal… Just as every picture tells a story, in this case so does every tweet. Sarah is known as Sarah_Sanaa on twitter… She is tweeting  in relation to a drone inquiry in Yemen, mainly to Reprieve, a UK based human rights and legal organization investigating drone strikes and to her fellow campaigners. The tweets show the power of social media in projecting what are some very poignant messages regarding the impact of drones.


17th April… news on 2 drone strikes hit AQAP targets in Mareb #Yemen

22nd April… our friend Farea Al-muslimi will testify before the US senate about the drone war and the strike on his village!… 

23rd April… NOW a hearing @ #US Senate @almuslimi testifies abt drone strikes hit his village& #Yemen click on the link&watch: …

23rd April… I am at @ReprieveUK ‘s testimonies conference in Sanaa #Yemen

23rd April … Lawyer Cori Crider just finished speaking at @ReprieveUK testimonies conference in Sanaa #Yemen &called US #Drones illegal assassination

23rd April… First testimony from Maajala Abyan is being heard right now from victims of US #Drones in #Yemen at @ReprieveUK conference

23rd April… Victims families of US #Drones r asking for just investigations right now at @ReprieveUK conference in Sanaa #Yemen

23rd April… Cori Crider frm @ReprieveUK quotes Obama: ” Drones r smarter than the human brain” #US #Yemen

23rd April.. First testimony from Maajala Abyan is being heard right now from victims of US #Drones in #Yemen at @ReprieveUK conference

23rd April… Father of Wafaa 5 yr old who was killed by a US drone is asking” What have we done to have drones kill our children? ” #Yemen @ReprieveUK

23rd April…  latest US drone victim’s cousin frm Wesaab #Yemen says: Drone kept hovering for 3 hrs after the strike we couldn’t save anybody@ReprieveUK

23rd April… victims’ families, we never got anything frm the governemnt no roads, no schools nothing and now we have #US drones attacking us #Yemen

23rd April… victim’s brother: “My brother was hurt with a US drone&when ppl tried 2 rescue him an thr drone hit & killed 11 men & a pregnant woman #Yemen

23rd April… Victims of #US drones beg @ndcye ‘s members 2 do sth to stop drone strikes in #Yemen @ReprieveUK

23rd April… Who gave Hadi& Saleh before the right to allow the #US 2 drone #Yemen -i civillians? says Hemyar Al Qadhi who lost his brother @ReprieveUK

23rd April… Witness frm Mareb says ppl r joining Qaeda not cz they believe in them but because they lost innocent family members with #US drones #Yemen

23rd April… Witness at @ReprieveUK conference: “President Hadi’s approval of #US drones does’nt mean they r legal,it’s illegal assassination ” #Yemen

23rd April… A witness: we have 2 deal with panic& fear of #US drones’ sounds hovering over our heads and women having miscarriages due 2 that” #Yemen

23rd April… “We cannot discuss development or building a new state while we still suffer frm #US drones” #Yemen

23rd April… A witness : “Every #US drone creates 10 Qaeda fighters” @ReprieveUK #Yemen

You can read Sarah’s biography here



Why US drone attacks should stop in Yemen and elsewhere


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”.