Al Qaeda release statement confirming death of key militant and 3 “mujahid” brothers


Harith bin Ghazi al Nithari, loss of a key figure in Al Qaeda

(Al-Malahem Media)

(First published on Radical Sister February 5th 2015)

Al Qaeda has confirmed today the death of a key militant leader Harith bin Ghazi al Nithari targeted in a U.S. drone strike on Shabwa, southern Yemen, January 31st 2015. Photos were tweeted to me soon after the attack but the identity of passengers in the vehicle struck were not public at that time. “AQAP named the three others persons killed as Sa’id Awadh ba Faraj, Abd as Sami’I Nasir al Hada’a and Azzam al Hadhrami. Yemen Times stated “tribal sources had said four suspected militants were left charred in their car.”

Al-Nithari recently praised the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris carried out by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi of Algerian heritage who shot dead several members of staff. The publication was said by many to have insulted the Prophet Muhammad PBUH though others claimed it was “free speech”. Al-Nithari then presented a speech entitled “The faces have been brightened” regarding what he termed as “The blessed Raid in Paris.” In the translation, he is referred to as Sheikh Harith Al- Nithari and gave this warning to France,

“Oh people of France, it is better for you that you cease your aggression against the Muslims, perhaps you may then live in safety. But if you refuse except to be at war, then take glad tidings, for By Allah you will never have the pleasure of safety for as long as you wage war against Allah and His Messenger and continue fighting the Believers. ‘Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief), there past will be forgiven. But if they return (thereto), then the examples of those (punished) before them have already preceded (as a warning).

And All Praise is for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.”

Full speech can be seen on the following link


Burning car which was targeted by US drone strike, Yemen (Twitter contact)

Press Statement

Al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula

Statement Number: 90

Date: 16 Rabi’i Akhr 1437 H


“Statement Regarding the American Crusader Strike in Yemen on 11 Rabi’i 1437 H”

Praise be to Allah who said: “And how many a prophet [fought and] with him fought many religious scholars. But they never lost assurance due to what afflicted them in the cause of Allah , nor did they weaken or submit. And Allah loves the steadfast.” (146) And their words were not but that they said, “Our Lord, forgive us our sins and the excess [committed] in our affairs and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.” (147) So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the good reward of the Hereafter. And Allah loves the doers of good.” (148) al Imran.


The grindstone of war continues going around between the Crusader America carrying the banner of war on Islam in this time and between the Muslims in different land regions. War is lined with the sons of Islam epic battle after epic battle; sparing for the sake of Allah the precious and dear from the same and people and the money compliant with the order of Allah the exalted in His Book “And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah . And if they cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.” (al Anfal 39).

And the Yemeni of Faith and Wisdom mujahidin were fortunate in participating in that heroic war defending the Muslims; you witnessed in that their raids in Aden and New York and Khurasan and Iraq and al Sham and so forth. And in the evening of Saturday 11 of Rabi’I Akhir of the current year 1437 H, corresponding to 31 January 2015 M; Yemen was on an appointment of a new sacrifice for a group of the sons of Islam who obtained martyrdom in an American Crusader plane strike on a car they were riding in in the region of as Sa’id in Shabwah province in Southern Yemen.

And in this place we congratulate the Islamic Ummah with the martyrdom of four of their righteous mujahidin sons and they are:

  1. The Mujahid Sheikh of the World and member of the AQAP Shar’iah Committee Harith bin Ghazi al Nithari –

Known as Muhammad al Mushidi

  1. The Mujahid brother Sa’id Awadh ba Faraj
  2. The Mujahid brother Abd as Sami’I Nasir al Hada’a
  3. The Mujahid brother Azzam al Hadhrami

Allah have mercy on them all and accept them among the martyrs, Allahuma Ameen.

And verily the events and discourse about obtaining martyrdom and they will not really die, and their homes and power will not come down. How is that and they have left the world and its vanities and they were victorious in their religion and their Ummah compliant with the order of Allah the exalted in jihad for His sake (azz wa jall).

And the Sheikh Harith al Nithari left Allah permitting, a martyr to his Lord after a life of seeking Shari’ah knowledge and spreading it and teaching it to Muslims, and the Sheikh, may Allah have mercy on him, was not burdened by that and gave himself and his wealth to the jihad for the sake of Allah; fighting His enemies; the teacher and guide and its wave for the mujahidin in the trenches of the Arabian Peninsula and so forth. Walking in the footsteps of the people of knowledge and jihad old and new from examples like al Imam Abdallah bin al Mubarak, and Sheikh al Islam Ahmad bin Taymiya, and al Imam Abdallah al Azzam, and Sheikh Anwar al Aulaqi, and Sheikh Adil al Abab, may Allah have mercy on all their souls.



The following is a video, English translation of the “Sanctity of the unlawful blood” (January, 2015) where Harith bin Ghazi al Nithari – can be heard speaking,


Adam Baron (Sanaa-based reporter for the Economist, CSM, McClatchy) sent out the following tweets,

“I’d say the death of Harith al-Nathari is AQAP’s biggest loss since that of Said al-Shihri; key ideologue and rather eloquent spokesperson”

“Harith al-Nathari issued a great degree of criticism of ISIS–interesting to see response to his death in greater jihadosphere”

“Yemeni official: Harith al-Nathari was the target of the January 31st strike in Shabwa. He initially survived but died of his wounds”

“Aside from robbing it of an eloquent spox, al-Nathari’s death unlikely to have big effect on AQAP–conditions still ripe for AQAP’s growth”

Iona Craig, independent journalist in Yemen tweeted,

“AQAP statement on Nadhari death: drone ‘strikes came after the Houthis took control under American supervision and international conspiracy’”

According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (30th Jan, 2015) the first drone strike in Yemen was on November 3rd, 2002 but the next confirmed attack did not occur until 5th May 2011. (This does not include strikes after that date). TBIJ state that, “at least 424 people, including eight children, have now been killed in such missions since the start of operations in 2002″ link for more information below,

“Analysis: What next for Yemen as death toll for confirmed US drone strike hits 424

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